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[+3] Include subtasks

My daughter would like (me) to be able to create subtasks - or just reminders within her tasks. For example, under Pack Backpack, it would be great if she could list the things she needs to remember. She is in secondary school (and ADHD) so being prompted with the day's requirements would help keep all her organisational information in one place, rather than having to find her timetable, find the right day, find the right things each day.

NinaNina on May 26, 2015 20:12

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Pierre Séguin

We were thinking we might add a button or action of some sort to the activity cards in Kid Mode so kids could "flip" the card over to get more detailed instructions, which you could add in a separate field on the task in Parent Mode. Would that work?

on May 26, 2015 21:02

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As well as being a disorganised Mum who needs help ( I have just bought Brili today), I am also an instructional designer by day- and I see huge potential for your App in training... breaking a work routine into jobs, tasks and Sub tasks, and "evidence requirements". Wow! Brili is Brili!
A little more on how your App could be adapted for training... I see it as having potential as a kind of "digital task book". So, instead of 'parent' you would have "Assessor". Instead of 'child' you would have "trainee" or "candidate". The routine names could then be set up/ modified by the assessor, for example, "Clarify job instructions", "Carry out pre-operational checks" etc. then the tasks would be the task names, e.g. "Check safety covers" "Check coolant levels". Within those tasks you could have sub-tasks. Then you could also include a verified option in which a third person verifies the trainee's competency by attaching a photo or video taken moments before, and confirming with a pin code (maybe?) ... a I think your Brili concept could be reasonably easily mapped across into industry training.

Subtasks would be very helpful indeed. I use this app for myself, and I multitask quite a lot. During my 40mins of tea I'll catch up on my schedule, plan the day, etc. simultaneously. Being able to cross them off without removing the tea first would be great.

Subtasks would be excellent. I have the same problem as his daughter.

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