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[+11] Chime through other applications

My son also uses music to help keep time in the shower-a short song on repeat alerts him to move to shampoo, body wash, shower off- 
Also he plays his iPad for rewards at end of schedule but once he clicks out of Brili to turn on music or play he loses his schedule. Would love it to stay running in background and chime through with alerts just like my calendar function on iPhone. That way he can go back and forth.

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yes please! My daughter has reading assignments that she completes on her ipad. This is figured into her morning routine but I have to run the time separately so she knows when to stop and move on.

on February 10, 2016 11:53

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Please! I use Spotify to play music in the background in the mornings. I don't mind if the Brili app is the main app out front, but when I open the Brili app, my music stops playing. I'd love for it to be able to keep playing in the background.

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