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I'm an adult who uses Brili. I have really severe ADHD and Brili is the first thing that has ever actually gotten me to be on time consistently. I've lost jobs over being late before. I really love this app, and see so much potential in it. If I had a dream Brili, it would include the following:

-- The ability to "skip" a task in the workflow if it isn't necessary one morning- Currently, it just messes up my averages, which are actually quite important. Since I have a pretty severe time blindness, the Brili time tracker has been really helpful to me. It's taught me a lot about how much time things actually take. 

-- Task prioritization for "time stealing"- I would really like to be able to select three tasks that are less important than the others and rank them amongst each other. These three tasks are the tasks from which you choose to deduct time to be added to another task if more time is needed. For instance, if I'm doing my makeup and I'm about to run out of time drawing on an eyebrow, I would like to be able to "steal" 2 minutes of time from "pack lunch" or "do hair". I can toss a frozen burrito into my lunch bag instead of taking the time to portion out last night's soup, and I can pull my bangs back instead of wearing them down. I can't however, go to work without my left eyebrow. Currently, random tasks just seem to get deleted if you're running behind. Picking multiple tasks would allow for short tasks that aren't super important to be used

--  Swiping a task to the right to do later would move it one step down in the list, rather than to the very end. That doesn't make any sense to me.

--  In making the routine, I wish we could insert a task at a certain point within the routine, rather than creating a task at the end and then having to drag it to where it belongs. The dragging action is glitchy and slow. This would cut down on clunkiness.

-- Swiping left to delete a task while editing a routine, rather than having to tap a task, enter it's settings, delete a task, confirm the deletion, and then be returned to the top of the routine instead of my previous location in the routine. This would also cut down on clunkiness.

-- The ability to create custom tasks in the task library- I currently have to type in every task I use when designing a new routine. Duplicating routines isn't much better, because of the aforementioned cumbersome task deletion and task insertion/relocation processes.

-- An audible and more visibly noticeable alert when the timer of a task hits the red- a double or triple screen flash and some sort of audio alert. A LARGE visual 10 second countdown would be really nice, too

-- Compatibility with external audio apps- I would love to be able to listen to an audio book or podcast while using this app, but I can't, because the 33% warning cuts the sound off and doesn't turn it back on. I've missed timers and been late due to trying to restart audio in an external app while using a Brili routine. I could use another device, an currently do, but it's really inconvenient and not everyone has multiple smart devices.

-- A button to complete a task while using a routine- The swipe is pretty glitchy, and will frequently freeze, costing me time and causing me anxiety when I'm already on edge trying to be on time- and that's WITH built in extra time.

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