Brili is even more awesome with a wearable companion. The Pebble Watch is waterproof, rugged and stays out of the way during the most hectic of routines. It provides a visual indicator of the current task and time remaining, and provides silent vibration prompts to stay on task.

Note: In order for Brili for Pebble to function, the Pebble watch must be paired to a compatible device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0+ and a connection to the Internet.

1. Get the Brili app for iOS or Android

The Brili for Pebble routines can technically run paired to a device that doesn't have the Brili Routines app installed, but you will need the iOS, Android or web app to set up your child's info and at least one routine for the watch to run. It's also preferable to have the Brili app available when using the watch because the app provides additional control over the routines that the watch doesn't yet have.

2. Set up at least one routine for your child.

Use our Getting Started Guide if you need help with this part, or contact us at

3. Get a Pebble Watch

Brili for Pebble is currently compatible with all rectangular-screened Pebble devices:
  • Pebble Classic
  • Pebble Steel
  • Pebble Time
  • Pebble Time Steel
Brili users can get a special discount by ordering using this link.

4. Set up the Pebble Watch and App per Pebble's instructions

See Pebble's support site for details that will be specific to the model you have purchased.

5. Using the appropriate Pebble App, download Brili for Pebble.

Here's how it looks using the Pebble Time app (it's a bit different from the original Pebble app that is compatible with the Pebble classic.

a) Launch the app

b) Use the menu to navigate to "Get Apps"

c) In the Pebble App Store, search for Brili or use this link.

d) Tap the "Add" or "Install" button. This will download the app and install it within the Pebble app on your mobile device first, then it will transfer automatically over to your Pebble watch. You'll see a progress bar on the watch as this is happening.

6. Configure Brili for Pebble

a) Select My Pebble from the Main Menu and locate Brili for Pebble within the Pebble app.

b) Tap the gear icon next to Brili for Pebble to sign into your Brili account.

If you used your email and a password to create your account, this part is pretty straightforward. Just provide those and tap the "Sign In" button and proceed to the next step.

If you used Facebook or Google to create your account, there are just a few more sub-steps (unfortunately, the Pebble has a technical limitation that prevented us from implementing a direct login for these - sorry).

c) Launch the Brili app on your device and sign into Parent Mode (select yourself on the Who's Using Brili screen after login if necessary).

d) Navigate to the Settings screen (the gear icon) and scroll if necessary until you see the "Token" field. Tap the chevron symbol ">" on the field to expose the token.

e) This length of gobbledygook (a.k.a. the "token") is unique to your user account and a secure substitute for your password so that the Pebble app can let our platform know that you really are who you say you are. Tap the copy button (the icon represented by two overlapping pages) to copy the token to your device's clipboard.

When you copy the token successfully, you'll see a message at the bottom of your screen to that effect, like this:

f) Return to the Pebble app on your mobile device and into the Brili configuration screen. It's likely already in the right place, but review step 6 if needed. Tap in the "Token" field on the login screen.

Tapping in the field again (iOS), or holding (Android) will make a Paste button appear. Tap the Paste button.

g) You should see the masked token appear in the field, allowing you to Submit it.

7. Select the child who will be wearing the watch (or the child whose routine you want to monitor, if you're configuring your own Pebble.)

After successfully authenticating, you'll see the "Who's using Brili" menu. Select the child whose routine will appear on the watch.

The watch should vibrate and show a welcome screen. Here's what that would look like on my beat-up old Pebble Time.

8. Start a routine

When you're ready, you can start the routine from the Pebble Watch or from the Pebble App on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Important Note:

Keep in mind that the Pebble Watch must remain within Bluetooth range of the device with which it is paired (~10M or 30ft) as it requires a constant connection to the Internet in order to function. This allows the full real-time capability of Brili for monitoring and viewing on multiple devices as this video illustrates.

When you start a routine on one device, any other device (including the Pebble) should pick up that routine already in progress.

Brili for Pebble will automatically present the correct routine for the time of day.

You can start that routine with the Start button:

And use the checkmark button to mark tasks complete.

You can also select another routine if preferred, using the Change button, which presents a menu of all available routines.

Currently, if you need to reset or pause the routine, back up an incomplete task or postpone a task, you'll need to do this from the Brili app on your handheld or tablet device. The watch will reflect the change. Stay tuned for feature updates that will address this!