Thank you for trying Brili! This document will guide you through setting up and starting your first routine with your child.

Note: Running Routines & Multiple Devices

If you already have your routines set up and want to access them from multiple devices or just switch to Kid Mode, please see Running Routines in Kid Mode.

Brili System Modes

Brili has two modes of operation:

  • Parent Mode
  • Kid Mode

The first time you use Brili, it will start in Parent Mode so you can set up your user account, add one or more kids, and set up routines. Once you have a routine ready for your child to use, you can switch the app to Kid Mode, or use a different device to access Brili in Kid Mode.

1. Account Setup

After installing and launching the Brili app, or upon arrival at you'll have the option to Sign Up or Sign In. If you haven't previously created a Brili account, click Sign In.

You can then sign up for Brili by providing an email address and password, or by using your Google or Facebook account.

On your first use of Brili, the app will walk you through the needed account setup steps. First, provide your name and optional profile picture. Click Next when finished.

Next, add your first child (you can add more kids later). Click Next when finished.

If you are using Brili with an iOS device for the first time, Brili will ask for permission to use push notifications.

Allowing Push Notifications is necessary to receive routine start time reminders. 


Brili will then provide a quick walkthrough of its capabilities and explain how to switch between Parent Mode and Kid Mode:

You will then have the option of trying Kid Mode to get a sense of what it looks like and how it works. We recommend you give it a try, as this will highlight 
useful features that can benefit your child.

The next step is to create a routine for your child. The system will automatically take you to the screen where you can do this.