If you have an Apple iOS device and are interested in testing Brili on it, here's what you need to know.

You Need iOS 8 or Newer

TestFlight is a relatively new way of letting users try iOS apps before they're released to the app store, so it only works with iOS 8 or newer. If you have an earlier version of iOS than iOS 8, you won't be able to use TestFlight.

You can check the version of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by launching the Settings App, accessing the General tab, then tapping on Software Update. This will display the version of iOS currently installed on your device.

If you don't have iOS 8 or newer, this screen will also let you download and install it. (If your device doesn't support iOS 8, it won't give you the option and may just say you are already up to date.)

Download TestFlight from the App Store

Once you've confirmed that your device has iOS 8 or newer, you can go to the App Store and search for "TestFlight". TestFlight is kind of an invite-only, pre-app-store app store. It lets you download and install apps that are approved for beta testing, if you've been invited as a beta tester.

There will be more than one result, but the top one should be the one we want, published by Apple.

You'll want to GET the TestFlight app, and let it download and install before proceeding.

Look for Your Invite from iTunes Store

At some point, you should receive an email invite not from Brili, but from the iTunes Store. It will look something like the following screen capture.

Make sure to open this email from the device on which you want to install Brili!

Installing Brili iOS Beta

Tap the Open in TestFlight button in the body of the email. This will switch to the TestFlight app and then let you begin the process of downloading and installing the beta version of Brili.

Once installed, you can OPEN Brili from within TestFlight, but it should also appear on your device's desktop like any other app.


When a new version of Brili is released for testing, the TestFlight App will notify you, and you will also receive an email from the iTunes Store. Both the email and the TestFlight app will let you update to the latest version of Brili with a single click. Please note that apps installed via TestFlight don't automatically update or sync to your other devices. Please check TestFlight periodically on each of your devices to ensure you're running the latest version.