If you've subscribed to Brili Extra, Brili allows parents to switch from Kid Mode to Parent Mode easily without logging out by clicking the "Padlock" icon. If you have set a 4-digit personal code, you can enter it and then select a different user to access Brili.

New: As of v.1.5.9 (March 2017 release), the lock code also allows you to control whether your child can pause a routine. You can enable or enable the pause button lockout on each child's profile after you have set a lock code.

If you were one of Brili's very early adopters in 2014, it's possible that the app didn't set a default code for you. If this is the case, the "Padlock" icon will prompt you to log out. When you do so, you can then sign back in and select either yourself or a different child to use Brili. Access Brili as yourself to set your code for the next time.

Brili sets the default access code to 0000, but this can be set to a different code from the ´╗┐Settings´╗┐ screen in Parent Mode.