Stay Up To Date

The feedback we get from our beta testers is most meaningful if families are all using the latest and greatest build. 

Updating Brili to the Latest

Being in beta means we have to use TestFlight, and that's not as seamless as the app store. For one thing, Brili doesn't automatically upgrade itself like your other apps do. Usually when we release a new version (roughly once a week), you'll get an email from TestFlight that looks like this:

The easiest way to update is to tap on the "View Update" button in the email when you're on your mobile device and this will launch the TestFlight app and begin installing the latest version.

If you miss the email, or just aren't sure if you're running the latest Brili, simply launch your TestFlight app as you see in above image. Once in TestFlight, look at the button next to Brili:

  • If it says "Open", you're already up to date.
  • If it says "Update", there's a new and improved build of Brili waiting for you to try. Please tap the button!
  • If it says "Install", Brili isn't on the current device at all so definitely tap the button in this case, too.

Updating via TestFlight usually takes only 30 seconds, and needs to be done on all devices running Brili.