Once you have a routine set up in Parent Mode, you can either switch the same device you were using to Kid Mode, or you can sign in from the child's own device.

Using the device you used for setup

You can switch from Parent Mode to Kid Mode at any time using the center button in the main Parent Mode navigation bar. If you have uploaded one or more child profile photos, you will see them arrayed around the button after you press it, allowing you to select which child's routines you want to run. If you did not upload a photo, you will see the first letter of the child's first name. You will also see a plus (+) symbol to create additional child profiles if desired.

Alternate method of switching to Kid Mode:

  1. Tap/click the "Kid" icon at the bottom of the screen in Parent Mode. This will load the "Manage Children" screen.
  2. Tap the "Kid Mode" button for the child whose routines you want to run.

Using Your Child's Device

  1. Make sure Brili is installed (app) or loaded (browser version, https://my.brili.co)
  2. Sign in using your own email address and password as you created them when you first signed in.
  3. You'll see a menu allowing you to select "Who's using Brili". Select the child for whom you want to run routines.

Brili Automatically Chooses Routines Based on Time

In order to make it quick to launch Brili for kids, it will remember this user mode and login will no longer be required. If there are routines scheduled for the current day, Brili will select the nearest one that has not been completed or the end time (deadline) for which has not passed.

You can just tap the "Let's get started" button to start the routine.

Want to run a different routine?

Brili lets you run any routine you want at any time. Just tap the "Pick another routine" link that's subtly positioned under the big green "Let's get started!" button and you'll see a menu of all the routines currently assigned to the child who is logged in.

NOTE: When you run a FINISH-time-scheduled routine from this screen (even if you're running a routine automatically scheduled to run immediately), the finish time will be set to "current time" + "sum of all task durations" for the current routine instance only. It does not affect the saved routine time settings.