Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchases made on our website or in-app purchases on Android:

Your satisfaction is important to us! If Brili fails to meet your expectations within 7 days of purchasing a subscription, we will refund your credit card for the purchase. You can just contact us at and let us know why our product didn't work for you.

Purchases using In-App purchase on an Apple iOS device:

We don't have direct control of transactions made via the iTunes platform, so please follow Apple's process for obtaining a refund.

About Subscriptions

What Happens when a Subscription Period Ends

At the end of the subscription term, the plan will renew automatically.

Cancelling a Subscription

Subscription cancellation consists of stopping the automatic renewal of the subscription at the end of your current term.

Please note: Canceling a subscription does not automatically result in a refund. If you wish to claim a refund under our money-back guarantee, please refer to the section above.

Android and Website Subscriptions

If you purchased your subscription using a credit card via the Brili Android app or in a web browser (on any platform), it will renew automatically on the anniversary of your subscription date, charging the credit card used for the original subscription. To prevent renewal, go to Parent Mode >Settings > Subscriptions using Brili for Android or Web and you'll see a "Cancel" button next to your active subscription. Tapping this will turn off auto-renewal and allow you to continue using your subscription until its expiration date.

iOS Subscriptions

If you purchased your subscription via the Brili app on an iOS device, it will renew automatically on the anniversary of your subscription date. To prevent renewal, follow Appleā€™s cancellation procedure

Please note that if you used your iOS device to purchase Brili using its web browser (e.g. Safari), it will behave as a Website subscription (as described above), and auto-renew every month or year, depending on the plan you purchased. To cancel renewal, please access your Brili account at using any browser and locate the cancel button on the settings screen in Parent Mode.