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[+1] Control whether a child can pause

My daughter has figured out the pause button. She uses it to do the task ahead of time so she completes the task early and gets the reward. We are two days into this so I could be missing something. Maybe having options to allow pauses or not for each kid. Possibly be able to select the amount of time for the pause and how many times they are allowed to pause in a routine by kids. Still thinking about it. Thanks!

KimKim on February 01, 2016 19:14

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Pierre Séguin

Hi Kim,

That's an interesting idea. The way it currently works is that the pause button merely pauses the timer on the task timer, but the routine timer keeps going. This means that even though the alarm isn't sounding on the paused task, the child is still eating into their earned free time.

The pause was designed to help kids not get to anxious if something is holding them up in their routines, particularly when it's not their fault (e.g. they can't reach the cereal, their laundry is in the dryer, etc.)

At this point, even when a task runs late, kids still earn points for completing it. This said, we do plan to provide a time bonus for finishing on time or sooner, but that's in a future upgrade.


on February 01, 2016 19:55


Hi Pierre, 
That makes sense. I see that my daughter is getting very wrapped around the times. I want her to stay on track, especially in the mornings and with her homework. I like the bonus for finishing on time. I will definitely use that when it is ready. That will be a huge help. Even if there was an option for a parent to insert an activity with a bonus because we knew something held them up. I can't see where I can look at a finished routine or the time spent. Still learning the program. My daughter is very sneaky so I know I'll have more suggestions for you. lol

on February 03, 2016 07:39

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