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Visual timer

It would be great to have a visual circle timer (like Time Timer) that counts down when a task is running so you can quickly and easily see how much time is left. The tiny bar timer in the top right of my mobile screen is difficult to find, too small, and not easy for a child to work out how much longer there is. I’m constantly being asked how much longer do I have? (I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be great after a few seconds for the task icon to become smaller and the timer to take over most of the screen.)

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Agreed! Even as a very visual (ADHD) adult using the app for myself, I absolutely love the custom images. :) But do think it’d probably be most beneficial to have something like a large round countdown timer as the most prominent feature. Maybe there could additionally be an option to change the background color for each activity? Then one could begin associating, for example, yellow with “Wake up” / blue with “Shower”, etc. I have implemented timed transitions in between activities, and I could see a consistent color to indicate those times being helpful.
Yes please, this would be a great addition.
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