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Add own premade tasks, name change option for routines.

Hello. I am an afult using Brili. I would love it if I could change the name of a routine instead of making it all over again for. Ex: changing name from monday morning routine to sunday morning. Or edit monday morning routine and then change it's name to 1.monday of the month routine etc. etc. Also it would be nice if I could add my own tasks to the prefixed tasks, such ass: make coffee/hang laundry/vacuum 1.floor/apply contact lenses/water plants ++ etc. etc. It would make routine planning much quicker. Especially when you have many similar routines each month, covering all house work added toghether. Like I have.
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I'm also an adult using Brili and this is one of my primary issues. Building a new routine is super cumbersome, even if doing so by duplicating an old routine. The two reasons why are 

1) having to click on each individual task to enter its settings to delete a task

2) not being able to create a "library" of custom tasks

I wish we could swipe left to delete a task, like most other apps on iPhones, and I wish we could create frequently used custom tasks in the library.

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