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[+9] Offer an option for adult routines

Originally posted by Alisa

Parents have difficulty with routines, too. For example, I go to the gym, come back home, supervise my kids getting ready, drive them to four different schools, then come back home and get ready for work on weekday mornings. I would love to be able to set up a routine for myself also, and I'm sure other parents would, too (particularly parents with ADHD and related conditions).

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This can be done already by creating a child account for yourself.

True, you can make a child account for yourself...that's actually what I do, and it does work pretty well. I've had ADHD all of my life, but unfortunately it's hard to find ADHD support tools/apps that are built just for adults. 

Considering I use this app to save me any amount of time I can find in a busy day, an app built for adults could possibly mean less time to edit/run. The few extra steps in this version do add up. Having to jump between the child/parent user to create/edit/run, creating custom tasks that aren't in the children's version of pre-built categories/tasks, etc. 

Plus...I have to admit, I try to hide the app around other people. I know I'm being a little self-conscious, but I'd appreciate a few subtle design changes so my family and co-workers don't think I'm goofing around in a kids' app ;-).

Was just coming to say I also am an adult with ADHD and I use Brilli every single morning! I've been looking for something exactly like this for years. I'd definitely appreciate an adult version or mode.

This, and not being able to skip tasks, are honestly what's holding me back from having this app be useful to me. The extra steps of swapping between the profiles are enough of a hindrance to distract my brain aanndd not complete what I was supposed to be doing. I'm glad to see it's planned! Is there any ETA?

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