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Routine Optimization: Plans to see how routines work sequentially/time-saving opportunities?

For example, I started this morning with my "clean kitchen" routine. AFTER it was cleaned, I completed my "making lunches" routine. Here's what I as a time-blind ADHD person doesn't know: Am I saving more time if I clean the kitchen first, because my brain is overwhelmed with visual clutter or am I wasting more time because I have to clean the kitchen twice after having made lunches? These are two different routines, and I was wondering if you had plans to show optimization with routines that occur close together, if that makes sense. A tall order, I know, but I figured I would ask! 

HeatherHeather on April 12, 2015 11:14

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Pierre Séguin

Cool idea. We're planning to run that kind of analysis at a task level within a routine, but cross-routine optimization could be useful, too. Thank you!

on April 12, 2015 17:45

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Hi Kat, as a someone who is paralysed by visual clutter, I understand your dilemma. I don't suffer from time-blindness though. So I know that I go much faster once the clutter is out of the way. It might mean that I clear the kitchen twice, but it works for me. 

HTH :)

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