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Pebble Improvements

Pebble integration is an A+ feature. Needs:

- Clearer Icons (They need to be larger on the screen and need to be less complex) [I suggest looking at the resources available via for easily licensed icons developed specifically for routine planning and communication)

- ability to run at least one routine at a time without connection to phone or tablet

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Oooh, those picto-selector images are really neat.  Thanks for sharing, Wil!

I agree for Pebble, the Brili app really needs to be able to run with OUT blue tooth. My son "usually" now wears his pebble watch to sleep, BUT I turn off the blue tooth as too much blue tooth is not good for the physical body. So, we like to use the watch, but still run stuff without blue tooth.

For my son at school, where he not going to have an ipad or bluetooth for Pebble to connect too, running the Brili app for his end of school routine or even his lunch routine would be nice. He is very good at operating the tech, even at just turning 7, so it is something he could run on his own.

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Good points! The Pebble's capabilities are somewhat limited so we're looking for ways to optimize but also looking at new hardware options as they're released. I agree those improvements would help a lot.

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