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less frequent sync interval

Hi! We have quite a bit of lag on our devices when using Brili, even though they're fairly new & fast. It seems like the app is working very hard to stay synced in hyper-real time, and it's making the user experience much slower than if we could set it to sync a bit less frequently (even once per minute would probably help). Thanks! -Si

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Thanks, Si. When we see lag, it's usually because of the network (anywhere between user devices and our servers). But to your point, not all use cases require real-time updating so it might be beneficial to slow the sync in some cases (either a user setting, or based on simultaneous connected device count - or something.) We'll definitely keep this in mind.

Hi si & Pierre,

Is this the same for Pebble watches?  At first download, I found the pebble app very helpful (for example, the effort to reach out for my phone was too difficult.  But, I had enough resources to push a button on my pebble, which would then prompt me.  Reading the prompt on the pebble then helped cue my motivation to get out of bed and start the routine.)  

Unfortunately,  the pebble app is inconsistent.  Every now and then it works perfectly!  More often, there is a severe lag.



P.S. (Did I reply correctly, or would it be better to create a new thread and simply reference this thread?)

Thanks, Erin. The Pebble issue is related so this isn't a bad place to expand on it with your input. The Pebble is dependent on internet access for consistent operation, but the main reason it's inconsistent is because of the way that it shares the phone or tablet's connection over bluetooth.  We're going to be looking at Pebble performance in the very near future.

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