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My kids have the app on their iPods for awhile and we love it! But last week the app started crashing when they try to open it. Please help! We need this app for mom & dad's sanity

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Hi Melisa,

I also replied to the email ticket you opened, but here's an explanation and a fix for others reading the forum. But first of all, I apologize for the trouble.

Early last week, a service provider that hosts a database for us deleted said database in error. This created a lot of problems including the failure of push notifications (routine start time reminders) for most of the day. It also caused many users' apps to crash.

We have since restored the database and the push notification service but some devices need to have the app deleted and then re-installed in order for correct functioning to resume. If you need any help with this process, or with anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,


Ever since the most recent update the program won't open on my old iPhone... I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Other ideas?

Hi Judy,

Uninstalling and reinstalling normally does the trick. Did you try these steps?

- Delete the Brili app from your phone

- reboot your phone

- reinstall Brili

If that doesn't work, could you please let me know which iPhone model it is and what version of iOS it's running? We'll try and reproduce the problem here.

Thank you,


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