January 20th, 2017- Intermittent Service Outages

Part of the Brili API is currently down due to problems with IBM's hosting services. Subscriptions, logins and push notifications may be affected during this time. We're monitoring the status to determine how best to resolve the issue and will post an update with the problem has been resolved.

That seems to have fixed it... Thank you for the quick reply :-)

Hi Louise,

Did you try deleting and reinstalling the app? That usually clears up any crashing problems for good. 


The app won't stay open for more than half a second on our iPad mini. But is fine on my iphone6s.. Thought maybe it was because I'd not updated the iPads software to 10.2.1 so just did that. But it still won't really open.

As of 5:15pm EST, this issue has been resolved by routing traffic to a different hosting provider. Please contact us if you experience any issues.

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