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Reporting feature (see progress over time)

For kids and adults, I think some sort of reporting section would be a must for those who really struggle with time management and focus.


The time race is certainly a motivator (did you beat your last time?), but a bigger motivator for me would be a more global view of my progress, the ability to see what tasks need more/less time, see what activity becomes the "pot hole" in a routine that otherwise goes well, number of successful routines in a span of time, etc. 

(My apologies if this feature already exists, but I couldn't locate it in the iOS version I use.) 


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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your suggestion. A first step towards this feature is currently part of the Brili Extra subscription plan. You can trend your task and reward time over extended periods of time with it. We have a lot more ideas and we're open to more, so we'd love to hear what you think.




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