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[+8] Have some little, clever, fun things added in between tasks as a sort of reward.

It would be fun to have, a couple times throughout the day, a clever and/or funny little animation-type thing that maybe teaches some new vocabulary word like a "word of the day" or some inspiring quote or even a short, little animation with a moral lesson of being kind to others or something. Just something to make it a little more fun for the kids than just swiping away tasks as they complete them. :)

Anonymous on April 02, 2015 16:53

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Katie Brock

My girls really like the kitten pictures on tasks I have created. Maybe more things like this as well as the educational things talked about above would be great!!!

on May 05, 2015 23:52


I really like this idea! My son keeps asking to be able to 'personalize' the look of Brili ;) and maybe have some music to choose from lol

on August 28, 2015 12:37


I like the idea of customizing but please make the animation/popups an "option" not an established part of the app...for my adhd daughter (whose medication is only sort of working in the morning) this would be way too distracting.

on October 02, 2015 08:55

Pierre Séguin

mljnc, good point! We can definitely find a way to make it less distracting for kids who have focus issues.

on October 04, 2015 15:23

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